Physiotherapy is appropriate for those with

Acute and chronic low back pain
Headaches and neck pain
Overuse injuries
Repetitive stress disorders
Foot and ankle pain
Pelvic and spinal instability or stiffness
Shoulder pain
TMJ disorders
Orthopaedic acute injuries
Recent joint replacements requiring rehabilitation
Recent CVAs & TIAs requiring rehabilitation
Neurological and balance disorders
Elders who wish to maintain their independence
Pregnancy and post pregnancy concerns

Robin offers a functional approach to rehab, grounded in the moving body. This often requires addressing the cause of your pain in addition to treating your painful structures. Through education, awareness training and biomechanical treatments, you will learn how the way you live in your body – your occupation, activities, habits, and carriage – may be overloading your physical structure to create dysfunction and pain. Robin will assist you in accessing the knowledge, control, flexibility and strength you require to create efficient, pain free movement.

The relationship between a physiotherapist and her client is one of active partnership. Robin has the education, experience, and expertise in human form and function. You are the expert about what it’s like to live in your body. Ultimately, you are responsible for your health and the effectiveness of your treatments will be enhanced with your active participation.

Please wear or bring suitable exercise clothing which will allow for full assessment and treatment of the site of your concern/condition.


Canadian Physiotherapy Association

Nova Scotia Physiotherapy Association

Nova Scotia College of Physiotherapists

College of Physical Therapists of British Columbia

Physiotherapy Association of British Columbia


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