24 February 2020

Sorry to be writing this postcard so late…over two weeks late to be exact! My excuses – wifi in India was terrible and my time in the UK afterwards, busier than expected.

I left Tiruvannamalai on February 7th and returned to Vancouver late on the 18th. But the gifts Ma India bestowed upon me during my three weeks there, still reverberate…

Such as how clarity can come by simply stepping away from the old. Old habits. Old patterns. Old hang outs. Old hang ups.

India is a master at washing away the old. At fatiguing you and refreshing you all in one. Just when you think you know what is up and where life is taking you, or where you think you want it to go. Sit still. Be quiet. Wait. In India, on a daily basis, you are reminded that you don’t have a clue.

It is so important to hit refresh and let yourself be taken somewhere new. Thank you, India.

A friendly reminder ~ Windhorse Farm is far from India, but just as magical. I hope you will consider joining us there on April 24/25/26 for some refreshing at our weekend yoga retreat.