05 January 2020

Went for a walk at Pacific Spirit Regional Park today. The wind was howling and the waves crashing. Four wind surfers enjoying the dance with the waves and wind, and once we turned away from the coast and into the forest, we saw that the trees were having to figure out the dance as well.

Five minutes into our walk, and fifty yards in front of us, a tall tree cracked and fell directly across the trail. We looked at one another and considered turning around, but one of us convinced the other to keep going. Three more victims of windfall occurred too close for comfort during this leisurely Sunday stroll.


“Out with the old!” the forests cried!

Yes indeed, I am in the process of signing a lease for a new flat and workspace in Vancouver. It’s exactly what I was hoping to find and I’m pretty excited to share it with you all.

Stay tuned…more information to come in March…