16 April 2020

Thank goodness for my room with this view. I am one of the fortunate ones that get to have a bit of the outside world cheering me on (and up!) while doing as I’m asked and staying inside.

I was supposed to arrive in Halifax today with physiotherapy treatments set to begin tomorrow. A couple of weekend and evening workshops were planned alongside Dr. Maria Patriquin, as well as the much anticipated yoga weekend retreat at Windhorse Farm. I was looking forward to my return to the east coast and to finally be able to physically check in with all patients and students.

We were going to have a real good time, and did I mention that I MISS YOU?!

But instead, here I sit with no idea of when I will be able to make it back to Nova Scotia. Today I was walloped with that deep sadness that we all have come to know in the last month. The not-knowing-kind-of-sadness. The shaky-ground-kind-of-sadness. The future-as-I-expected-it-to-be-is-no-longer-kind-of-sadness.

The sadness passed, as it does, and I looked out the window and stayed with the calm that comes with new-possibilities-not-yet-known-kind-of-quiet. That waiting and watching way of being that body and practice offer up to us, if only we are willing to stop and pay attention.

Keep checking in with yourself, everyone. Keep checking in with your miraculous body. And as Dr. Bonnie Henry keeps saying here in BC: be kind. be kind. be kind. 

I will be following up with a group email in the coming days and hope to see you virtually in the coming days and weeks. Do stay in touch.

In solidarity, and with love,