Whether we are meeting in person or from afar, we will always begin with a conversation. This is my time to listen to you, to hear what you are experiencing and your concerns, and to know your journey and your goals for moving forward. I will ask you specific questions in order to colour in the picture of your current health situation and to start making a plan with you of where to go from here. We will begin the physical examination to uncover the reason(s) as to why you are feeling what you are feeling.

The treatment plan option(s) that I offer you will include recommended frequency of treatment and a thorough explanation of the tools I think best for your improvement. I require your full understanding and consent and you are welcome to withdraw your consent at any time. It is your process and ultimately, you are the one in control. I am here to assist you on the way.

After that initial assessment and conversation, we will continue our dive deeper and deeper into your body’s story, using education to help you understand how other possible issues may relate to your symptoms. I will provide manual treatment as required and guide you with ways of caring for yourself at home in order to achieve stated goals. Together, we will work on taking away the blocks that no longer serve you and nudging your body back in the direction towards integration and wholeness. Instead of imposing a posture, or way of being, on top of you, we will work together to expose your body’s innate drive towards health and healing.

You’ll leave our appointments knowing more about what you need to do and why, in order to connect to your body and functional movements that will help you improve the efficiency of your body through daily life.

In many cases, you’ll receive a customised home program which will evolve as you make progress. Based on your needs, you may be given resources, product recommendations and any other support you may benefit from. Ultimately, your treatments are about you and what you need and it will be personalised in this way.