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One on One Telehealth Session

Spend 40 or 55 minutes with me virtually as we unpack your history to understand the root cause of where you are today and what you need to move towards tomorrow. Tailored for you, this session may include education, coaching, virtual assessment, movement retraining, and more. When appropriate, includes a personalised home program for you to continue your healing at home.

See Patient Info for therapy rates for your province and to see if a virtual appointment is appropriate for you.

If sceptical, here is an article on the positive transition to virtual physiotherapy appointments during these days of social distancing.

One on One In Home Session

Let me come to you. In the privacy of your own home, I will bring everything we need for an intimate 80 minute session. Along with discovering your history and needs, I will have the opportunity to apply my manual skills for both assessment and treatment during this in person session. You will also receive a personalised home program for you to continue your healing between treatments.

Presently only offered in Vancouver proper.
Each session is $450 and includes the cost of an 80 minute session, and my time to travel to and from you with all gear in tow.

Online Educational Group Classes

Come join my group class in real time, and experience the education, tips and movement practices that I give my private patients and have used myself to heal after injury, prevent flares, and general self care. Not to mention waking up an innate joy of movement…how does that sound?!

Developed with the hope of reaching more people and being able to continue care for my patients during these unprecedented days of COVID-19 and the necessary physical distancing, this series will reintroduce yourself to your body and breath, colouring in your imagination of how you are so magnificently made, so that you can be more fully you!

See here for details.