”If anything is sacred, the human body is sacred.”

Walt Whitman

Robin initially began studying yoga from a book as a teenager and then primarily through the Iyengar system with lessons, workshops, and teacher trainings throughout Canada. At the insistence of her first teacher, she started teaching Iyengar yoga early on.

Seeking out a different way of working, at age 25 she took her first yoga class with Diane Long in London and realized then that this practice cannot be systematized, it cannot be institutionalized, that this way of practicing yoga will take a lifetime.

In the 1970s Vanda Scaravelli invited Diane to study with her. Vanda began her yoga practice in her 50s, studying directly with Iyengar and Desikachar. Her unique approach to yoga evolved throughout the rest of her life. Diane studied with Vanda for 23 years and continues to develop and share this intuitive approach to yoga.

Robin explores this yoga in her daily practice and continues to study regularly with Diane Long. In this way of working, the spine is revealed as our vital centre, where rested strength grows into lightness. Refining our awareness attunes one to the possibility that movement can be so full of grace that it seems effortless – nothing to be added, nothing to be taken away. With this intention, yoga becomes meditation, the body clearly expressing its consciousness.

Robin demonstrates and works hands on, inviting students to playfully approach the asanas and experience a different quality of movement. This progressive physical yoga is not gymnastics nor exercise – indeed, the emphasis is never on the pose. The body, not the asana, is the ultimate teacher, and we learn to let it to shine forth in its being, expressing an authentic dance of the beautiful.

Robin teaches private lessons to interested individuals or small groups. Please view her schedule here.

Students of all levels of experience are welcome.