a Halifax-based physiotherapy practice

Drawing upon her 15+ years of working with people in both alternative and medical settings, Robin has organized her somatic practice into three principle approaches. These principles do not follow one another successively, and what you require today is dependent upon individual factors. No matter where you start, the preeminent end goal is that you complete your treatments feeling well, autonomous, and full of potential.

“There are no beginners or advanced students — the first step is the last step.”  Vanda Scaravelli


Physiotherapy for acute and chronic conditions.
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Anatomy Trains Structural Integration (ATSI) for reacquainting yourself with your body in space.
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Yoga for all the rest.
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Robin graduated from the University of Saskatchewan with a Master of Physical Therapy in 2011 after completing a Bachelor’s degree in studio art and religious studies. She studied Structural Integration at Tom Myers’ Kinesis Myofascial Integration (KMI) school (now rebranded as ATSI) in Maine in 2013.  Robin worked at a private physiotherapy clinic in northern Saskatchewan and developed a strong interest in assisting adults and children with chronic neurological and musculoskeletal challenges. Her ongoing desire to improve her skill set and knowledge base has led her to pursue studies in the facilitation of optimal movement patterning, acupuncture, and manual therapy for joint and soft tissue mobilization. She currently holds professional memberships with the Canadian Physiotherapy Association (CPA) and the Nova Scotia College of Physiotherapists (NSCP).

Prior to entering the M.P.T. program, Robin was an independent yoga teacher and dancer in Saskatoon. Over the years she has attended numerous dance and movement trainings throughout North America and Europe, in a number of alternative and innovative methods, which continue to influence her work today.

Robin continues to develop and refine her understanding of the human form and its function through her Halifax-based physiotherapy practice and daily yoga practice. She is a committed yoga student of Diane Long’s and regularly travels the globe to work with her. She has a strong interest in children and peri-natal issues relating to movement and recently completed courses in infant development and handling.


Please arrive at least 5 minutes before your first scheduled appointment to ensure registration details have been completed.

Please print, complete, and bring this registration form to your first appointment. Alternatively, you may complete it at the clinic in the time prior to your first appointment.

Please take the time to read the consent form at the bottom of the registration form prior to arrival. Do not fill it out. Your consent may be revoked at any time. Risks involved in any treatment will be fully explained to you by your physiotherapist.

We respect that your time is as valuable as ours. If you arrive late, or require extra time to complete paperwork, your treatment time will be shortened to avoid delaying those scheduled after you.

Robin only sees one client during the allotted time. This time may be utilized for treatment, charting, discussion, planning and/or generating reports to communicate to your doctor or personal trainer.

Please advise us at the time of booking if you require a report outlining our findings and treatment suggestions. There is an additional fee for this service.

You are required to pay in full on the day of treatment. A receipt for services rendered will be issued and you may forward it on to your insurer. Physiotherapy services are typically covered by most insurance plans.

Kindly cancel or reschedule a minimum of 48 hours in advance. If you schedule an appointment and fail to attend (labelled a NO SHOW), you will be charged the full amount for the missed visit. This applies to all cancellations with less than 48 hours notice. Any cancelled or missed appointments CANNOT be billed to your insurance company. We understand that life happens and this is not always possible. There are always exceptions, but discretion is up to Robin and the policy requests 48 hours notice. Thank you for understanding.




45-55 min IA with first treatment – $100
25 min follow-up appointment – $55
40 min follow-up appointment – $83
55 min follow-up appointment – $110

Anatomy Trains Structural Integration*

85 min IA with first session – $165
75-85 min follow up session – $165


30 min private – $55
60 min private or small group – $125
Robin teaches outside workshops and small groups as invited, for a negotiated fee.

*Both physiotherapy and structural integration appointments are within the scope of physiotherapy and therefore are billed as physiotherapy, an HST exempt primary health care profession.

*No physician referral is required. However, some insurance companies require a physician referral before reimbursing physiotherapy treatment expenses.

*Exact cash, cheque, debit, and credit accepted at Living Well Integrative Health Centre.

*Direct billing is NO LONGER available for NEW PATIENTS.  IF it is imperative that Robin direct bill for you in order for you to be able to access her services, please discuss your situation with her directly.



Robin is an independent somatic practitioner based in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Clinic hours:
Monday – 9am to 5pm
Tuesday – 9am to 5pm
Wednesday – 9am to 5pm
Thursday – 9am to 5pm
Friday – 9am to 5pm

For physiotherapy and Anatomy Trains Structural Integration appointments, please contact:

Robin at Living Well IHC
2176 Windsor Street  Halifax NS  B3K 5B6
P: 902.229.2041    F: 902.406.1501
E: info@stammsomatics.com

Map, parking and accessibility information found at www.livingwellihc.ca.

Please inform reception that you require use of the wheelchair ramp prior to your first appointment.

For yoga inquiries, you may view Robin’s schedule here or contact her directly at robin@stammsomatics.com or 902.229.2041.